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cotton candle wicks

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Candle Wick Pack Get with this DIY candle making kit containing 100 low smoke candle wicks. There are 3 kits available, with different candle wick lengths: Medium (3.5 inch/8,9 cm), Large (6 inch/15,2 cm) and Extra Large (8 inch/20,3 cm). This kit contains the Medium candle wicks (3.5 inch/8,9 cm) The candle wicks are made of cotton threads woven with paper and are coated with natural soy wax. They contain no lead, zinc or other metals. Can be used with a wide variety of candle wax containers, such as: soda/soup cans, jelly jars, tea cups, coffee mugs, sea shells, bowls, plant pots, etc. Contents: - 100x Medium/Large/Extra Large Candle Wicks (3.5 inch/8,9 cm) (6 inch/15,2 cm) (8 inch/20,3 cm)